Commonly Asked Questions

“Will my county allow alternative septic systems?”

The building codes of virtually every county in California allow for alternative treatment systems. To help facilitate permit approval, all of our alternative systems have been designed by engineers specializing in such design, and we work extensively in

“Who are your primary clients?”

Architects, developers, contractors and homeowners.

“I’m building a new home and need a septic permit, where do I start?”

ESS works in over five different counties and is very knowledgeable in all aspects of building and septic construction. Kim Clark is the office manager and will be more than happy to consult and advise you on building codes, legal issues, permitting, site history and evaluations to get you to the next step.

“I own a very difficult building site, what are my options?”

We specialize in finding creative solutions for problem sites on steep slopes or small parcels, with large redwood trees or poor soils or high ground water. By utilizing new septic technologies, ESS can help you to get septic and building permits on properties that in the past, you could not.

“What services do you provide?”

  • Free initial site inspections.
  • Test pit excavation and consulting.
  • Referral to third party Geotechnical laboratories for soils testing.
  • County permitting.
  • Conventional septic system design and installations.
  • Pressure distribution system design and installations.
  • At-Grade system design and installation.
  • Winery wastewater treatment systems.
  • Geoflow drip system specialists.
  • Northern California’s exclusive Southern Manufacturing distributor.
  • Hydro-Action authorized dealer/service technician.
  • Orenco Advan-Tex Installer.
  • Design plus aerobic system packages to architects or developers.
  • Leach field restorations.
  • Commercial and residential land development feasibility evaluations.
  • Residential operation, maintenance and monitoring services.

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